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Update you're us unlocked fire phone to fire os 4.6.1

Discussion in 'Fire Phone' started by Adam, May 8, 2015.

  1. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    This is only for the unlocked us version of the fire phone.

    Download the bin file from the link in this post and transfer to the root directory of the fire phone.

    Go to settings on the fire phone and select device and then select install system updates.
    It will begin the update process and reboot upon completion. Do not mess with the phone until this completes, and please be sure you have ample battery left before attempting the update.

    Any problems after should be fixed by a simple factory reset.

    Note: After updating for me atleast it fixed the problem with the crashing google services problem I was having in the previous version of fire os.

    DevsNest Developments takes no responsibility for any problems as a result to the process but I will try to help anyone that needs it.


    Download This File: https://mega.co.nz/#!qp5xzB5K!XX8Ev0XkHeROwGvm_L_jWklgketsBL-iIqU_T3k9ah0
  2. youtubersuper

    youtubersuper New Member

    If you can get rid of their OS, and install cyanogen or something this is HOT. If not then, unless youre really into using amazon services, and ONLY amazon services... Its not worth it.

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